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Medical Marijuana in Chicago

Learn more about the benefits of medical marijuana in Chicago with information from American Medical Marijuana Clinics in Gurnee, Illinois. We offer a wealth of information about the conditions we may be able to treat with medical marijuana in Chicago. In addition, our physicians provide rheumatology diagnosis and treatment for a range of ailments and conditions.

Information for New Patients

If your insurance company requires you to have an insurance referral to see a specialist, it is your responsibility to get this from your primary care doctor. If we do not have a referral at the time of your appointment, we are not able to see you at our Medical Marijuana Clinics in Gurnee. We will reschedule your appointment. Failure to understand your insurance plan may result in out-of-pocket costs you have not anticipated.

We will be requesting your medical records from your primary physician. You also may have your reports and or referral faxed to our office. Our fax number is (414) 435-0026.

We reserve one hour for each new patient appointment at our Medical Marijuana Clinics in Gurnee; therefore we request a 48-hour notice for cancellation for new patients. Please be considerate and cancel or reschedule as soon as possible.

Remember to bring your insurance card or cards. We will also need a picture ID for our records.

Medical Marijuana in Illinois

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with all these items. We hope to make your appointment with our rheumatologists run more smoothly by doing these things ahead of time. Feel free to ask any questions about Medical Marijuana in Illinois.

Contact our Medical Marijuana Clinics in Gurnee to find out more about the benefits of medical marijuana in Illinois.